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Budapest Hungary

Budapest is the result of the union of 3 cities: Pest, Buda and Obuda, joined by the banks of the beautiful Danube river. The river, dividing and connecting the capital city of Hungary, is at the same time its most important reference. In the East, the Great Pest Plain concentrates the newest part of the city, commercial activity and nightlife along Váci Utca, mostly a pedestrian street. At the West, the mountainous area and the forest hills surrounding Buda: Unesco`s World heritage, historical buldings, medieval cellars, art galleries and wonderful views of the city. Margaret island with its 2 km long area full of green in the middle of the Danube, just across the Árpád or Margaret Bridge, is the green lung of Budapest. Óbuda (the old Buda) stands in the North -integrated to the city in 1873 as another quarter- and keeps the oldest territory remains. On both sides of the Danube you can enjoy magnificent views including huge palaces, bridges, domes, towers and historical buildings. In Hungary the official language is Hungarian or Magyar. German is the second most spoken language. In Budapest there are 6 official tourist information centres that will supply you with personalized advice and brochures printed in 15 languages. Hungary is part of the European Union but has not yet adopted the euro currency. The official currency is the forint (HUF).

Transportation in Budapest

Budapest Ferihegy International Airport is the most important in Hungary. Located at about 20 km southeast of the city it has 2 terminals well connected with the urban area: Ferihegy II ( by bus 200E to the first underground station , blue line nº 3) and Ferihegy I (half an hour by train to the Western Railway Station). You can also get to Budapest by boat along the Danube in 4:30 hours from Vienna and in 3 hours from Bratislava. Budapest is connected by train with another 25 European capital cities. There are 3 main railway stations: Keleti (Eastern Railway Station), Nyugati (Western Railway Station) and Déli (Southern Railway Station). Buses are a low cost means of transport for travellers coming to Budapest, specially from nearby cities and also convenient to visit the surroundings. Budapest offers day and night buses, 3 underground lines: yellow, red and blue lines covering almost all the places of interest. The three lines meet and cross at Deák Ferenc tér so that it is very easy to travel by underground. There are metropolitan trains (HEV), trolleys and trams (comfortable and colourful alternative; the most important lines -2, 19 and 41V- have a frequency of 5 to 10 minutes). Public transport services work from 4:30 to 23:00 , all of them with the same tickets (sold at the Airport, underground stations, newspapers agencies or to the inspectors). Inspectors are severe, do not try to travel without your ticket and keep it till the end of your travel, when you get off. Fines are expensive! It is better to buy a pass (for 1, 3 or 7 days) ranging from 1550 to 4600 forints. You can also ride a bicycle in Budapest. And you must not forget to enjoy on a cruise along the Danube, day or night cruises are an unforgettable experience.

Gastronomy of Budapest

In Hungary food is good, unexpensive and elaborate with exclusively local tastes or with international tastes, since lots of international dishes are prepared in the “Hungarian way” with several spices, combining local ingredients with influences of the Turkish, Czech, Bulgarian, Austrian and Slovakian food. There are 3 basic dishes: soups, stews and desserts. You must taste salami, foie gras, paprika and Tokajy wine, classic local wine.

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