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Buenos Aires Argentine

Buenos Aires, la Reina del Plata (the queen of River Plate) and capital city of the Argentine Republic, is one of the 10 most populated urban centers in the world: 3 million people living in an area of 200 sqm, plus 10 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. We can also offer many tour turquia from Argentina has been receiving large amounts of immigrants from Europe as, Latin America and from all over the world.
Most of them arrive in Buenos Aires and chose this city to stay thus giving rise to the multicultural “porteña” identity (porteño/a: from the “port” city of Buenos Aires), with multiple religions. The official religion is the Roman Catholic Apostolic with a wide range of basílicas, churches and parishes; there are also another religious temples, the central Jewish Synagogues and mosques such as Palermo Mosque- the largest in Latin America. The official currency in Argentina is the Argentine peso and the official language is Spanish. In colloquial language the personal pronoun “vos” is used instead of “tú” or the formal “Usted”.
In everyday’s language you will notice the use of anglicisms, gallicisms, the influence of other languages like Italian and the use of words or expressions in Buenos Aires “argot”, called “lunfardo”.

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