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General Conditions. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

We inform you below about all the Conditions, obligations and rights that you enjoy as a user of Clickbed which are important for you to know.

General Conditions


ClickBed LC reserves the right to modify this general conditions, without prior notice.


1. Users’ comments. Reproduction rights of texts sent by users and published on Clickbed.com

Registered users of Clickbed.com waive the reproduction rights related to their own publications as feedback in any of the website pages and also waive the rights needed for the transmission and reproduction of Clickbed.com content. Users accept the use of this rights by Clickbed.com.

Clickbed.com has all rights ( however is not obliged) to check, to publish, to reject or to exclude partially or totally users evaluations. Clickbed.com considers your evaluation is not correct, publication can be rejected.. You can not write anything that can be deemed:

-False or not objective

-Nasty or immoral


-Against the Constitution, the law or the public order

-Infected by virus

-To have been used in a poll

This service will be used to send appropriate messages. It is not allowed to use this service for: statements of opinion, spam, competitions or publicity. It is not allowed to introduce links or viruses such as, Trojan horse, worm or any other software that could damage the computers of other users. It is forbidden to falsify or introduce wrong mailboxes as senders of messages. It is not allowed to introduce information in the messages that is against private law.

The use of this site is for personal and non-profit use. The use of ClickBed.com is free for all users. The content of this site (including prices and accommodation availability and their suppliers) belongs to ClickBed LS. That means it is forbidden to use this websitein own benefit or with personal interest, directly or indirectly.

To use ClickBed services, users need to have access to an internet service where the charges of connection and equipment are the responsibility of this user.

The violation of any of the above rules will give ClickBed the right to charge you a fee.

ClickBed users are responsible for their own comments and not ClickBed itself. As such, you may have to pay compensation or answer to any lawsuit that may occur as a result.


2. Confirmation and payment proccess.

You will be advised by e-mail when the reservation is confirmed. The confirmation e-mail will also include the price.


3. Credit card guarantee.

ClickBed will give the credit card data to the accommodation only in case the people who have made the reservation do not show-up at the place or in case they make a late cancellation.

To make a reservation means accepting the accommodation’ conditions. ClickBed will charge your credit card an amount for work as intermediate company. In the moment the reserve is confirmed your accommodation will be available. The rest of the amount would be paid at your arrival.

SSL certification provides by “VeriSign Secured” guarantees security to your credit card details. Thanks to this system we can guarantee that your transaction is 100% safe.


4. Cancellation policy.

Each accommodation has its own particular cancellation and no-show policy and , unlike most of the reservation centres, Clickbed.com let you know the policies before booking. Cancellation and no-show policies are stipulated by each accommodation and shown in the description -so that you can evaluate the offer before booking- as well as in the booking confirmation that we send you once you have paid.

Clickbed stipulates the following Cancellation Policy

Unlike the competition, we hold the amount of your prepayment as a credit for your next booking made within the next 6 months.

The refund will be made once you submit your new booking number and the canceled one. It will be available for 6 months. For returning your old prepayment, you should ask to bookings@clickbed.com, informing us your new booking number, which Clickbed.com will deduct your credit, and your old booking number. If the difference between both prepayments is in your favour, we will send you the amount through a bank transfer within a period of 15 days.

2 In case of cancellations, Clickbed.com will charge you 15 € for administrative fee.

We like to be clear. We are travellers, we are on your side.


5. Categories and types of accommodation.

The categories and types of accommodation depends on the countries’ regulations where they are situated. That information does not depend on us.


6. Prices.

Prices are offered by the accommodation. The prices refer to the cost of one room and one night. Taxes and services are included in the prices, except for specified services.


Terms of Use


1. Services description

This website is created and managed by ClickBed SL. We work as intermediary between the accommodation and the clients to give them the possibility to look for accommodation and make reservations online. Our service is based on the information given by the accommodations. We assure the right information about accommodation. However it is not possible to guarantee current information without mistakes, so ClickBed is not responsible for the information not published in the website.


2. Registation.

Users must give the correct personal information to ClickBed. If the information is incorrect ClickBed will not be responsible for the suspension or the future rejection of the service.

3. Service interruption.

Users agree ClickBed has the right to suspend the service without notifying. ClickBed LC can suspend the service, with or without notice, in any moment. Users accept ClickBed is not responsible for service interruption during it use.


4. Limitation of Liability.

Users accept ClickBed do not guarantee a service without mistakes or interruptions. ClickBed SL shall not be liable for the information published in its own place in case there were any mistakes.

Users recognize and accept ClickBed shall not be liable for any damage or loss arising on their computers during the use of our service. This exclusions apply to any claims for lost profits, lost data or any damage caused by the use or not use of ClickBed, as well as other costs or expenses due to failure of our on-line reservation system.

Our responsibility is limited by the amount our client pay for the accommodation.

ClickBed SL is not liable for the veracity of the published photos, the descriptions or facilities published in this website since that information is provided directly by the accommodations.

We have a contractual relationship with the different accommodations, they are not our partners. For that reason we are not responsible for omissions, mistakes, complaints and failures of our suppliers or for personal or material damages, death or other costs caused by them. ClickBed does not accept any responsibility for the cancellations, overbooking, delay or by major process upset caused by the decisions taken by authorities or government.


5. Trademarks, reproduction rights, links. Applicable law.

This website content is property of ClickBed Limited Company, Vallirana street 33, Barcelona 08006. All rights reserved. www.clickbed.com and their logos are registered trademarks property of Clickbed LC. Others companies mentioned could be also trademarks.

Unless otherwise stated, Copyright to material on this Website is owned by ourselves. Material from this Web site may be freely reproduced for private, personal use . This Web site contains links to other Web sites for the convenience of the User. These sites are not controlled by ClickBed, and ClickBed is not responsible for their contents.

The General Website Terms shall be subject to Spanish and European Community law and any dispute, claim, matter of construction or interpretation arising out of or relating to the website, including the General Website Terms, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Barcelona courts (Spain).


Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is destined to protect our clients interests.


1. Registration.

To became a registered member of ClickBed LC (clickbed.com) we need your name and e-mail. This allows members to make on-line reservations and allows us to contact members in case any change becomes necessary.


2. Protection of private information.

Depends on Spanish law 15/1999, ClickBed declares:

a) The information given by clients are necessary to activate the reservation service.

b) To access the on-line reservation service you must provide us your personal data.

c) Personal information will be communicated only to responsible personal which work with our on-line reservation service.

d) Registered users are protected by Spanish Law 15/1999.

e) ClickBed CL, Guillem Tell Street 42, Barcelona, Spain 08006 is responsible for the information provided by users.


3. Information sharing.

ClickBed CL does not share your personal information except in the limited circumstances such as when they are required by law or when would be necessary to protect users rights or properties.


4. Cookies and IP directions.

Cookies are parcels of text sent by a server to a web browser and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server. Cookies are used to identified the users as websites users. ClickBed uses cookies. ClickBed LC also keeps IP directions.

ClickBed LC has links with other websites with which share personal information; our privacy policy refers exclusively to our website not to others.


5. Who has access to my personal information?

Personal information registered on ClickBed.com Website is treated with confidentiality. Only ClickBed CL has access to that information. ClickBed will not sell, rent or lease your personal information to others.


6. How do we protect your personal data?

To prevent unauthorized access, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure the appropriate use of the information, ClickBed utilizes appropriate physical, technical and administrative procedures to safeguard the information we collect. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption when collecting or transferring sensitive data such as credit card information.


7. Personal Information control.

You are allowed to make a revision on your personal information when you decide. You can make your information request by e-mail to info@clickbed.com writing in subject: “personal data request”.

Clickbed will eliminate your personal information if you make that request by e-mail to the same address mentioned above.


8. When do we send you an e-mail?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your reservation is made. You should print the e-mail and do not forget to bring it to the accommodation. We also can send a quality control e-mail after your stay in a hotel. If you are not interested in giving us your opinion, we will not send this e-mails any more.

You can receive newsletters with special offers if you ask for it and you can quit this service when you decide.

If you have comments or suggestions about this privacy policy or our present conditions, send an e-mail to info@clickbed.com

ClickBed, Limited Company, Guillem Tell street 42, Barcelona 08006, Spain, CIF:B-64616121, www.clickbed.com, all rights registered.


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