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Climate in London

London has a temperate marine climate with cool summers and cold winters though temperatures records are rarely below freezing (0º C). July and August are the mildest months with averages high temperatures of 22, 8ºC and lows of13,6ºC. But temperatures can exceed 32ºC. Due to its latitude , summer days are long and winter days too short , normally foggy and cloudy.
Precipitation throughout the year is relatively low, 600 mm. Light but frequent precipitation ( an average of ten days a month). It is advisable to go out with an umbrella.

Time Zone london

London time zone (as well as the rest of the United Kingdom) is based in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and it is the time corresponding to local time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from March to October. For the rest of the year time is increased in one hour so that local time is GMT+1. (BST: British Summer Time)

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