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City of Rome, Italy

All roads lead to Rome, the City of Seven Hills, a huge museum of history, art, religion, archaeology. Rome, capital city of Italy, centre of the Roman Empire, city of great artists, writers and with an archaeological potential still alive: classical masterpieces as the Colosseum, the Roman Walls, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. Simple or magnificent fountains in each piazza, terraces where the “dolce vita” is experienced, auditoriums, aqueducts, basilicas, churches,stadiums, catacombs, underground gangway sepulchres. Roma has all kind of things to offer: even a country inside: the Vatican City state, capital city of Christianism, seat of the Papacy and wonderful treasures like the Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace and its decoration which has been frescoed throughout by the greatest Renaissance artists including Michelangelo, Raphael and Botticelli. Masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci and Caravaggio.
Monuments by Bernini, the Apollo Belvedere – a master sculpture of Greek art. Art is everywhere in Rome. Since the Renaissance the greatest artists studied, inspired and created within the patronage of Popes and rich noble families. The Rome Opera House dating from the 19th century, the Olympic Theatre in the district of Flaminio, the Fontana di Trevi, the Mouth of Truth (la Bocca della Verità) in the portico of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, driving a “Vespa” along the “senso unico” streets, the Roma Olympic stadium, where the most famous teams –Lazio and Roma- play. The historical centre in Rome, the extraterritorial possesions of the Vatican in the city, the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls and the possessions located inside the Walls of Urban VIII are listed as World Heritage.
Owner of an important gastronomic culture, Rome delights with its cuisine the best gourmands all over the world: excellent soups, rissottos and “pasta” for cold winters, delicious icecreams in very hot summers.
Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino, 26 km) is the main airport in Rome; Pastine Airport (Ciampino, 15 km) is the second one, where charter flights land. Both airports are well connected to Rome city centre by public transport services. Termini is the main railway station in Rome, where trains arrive from and leave to different places all over Europe , there you can also find undergorund lines, regional trains and several bus lines. There are different services arriving to Stazione Tributina from different european cities.
Traffic in Rome is messy and chaotic, there are few car parkings and they are expensive, therefore, Clickbed suggests travelling by public transport services; there are different special passes for tourists: Rome daily travel pass, 3 days travel pass and Rome travel pass valid for one week pass, allowing you free unlimited use of the underground lines (Lines A and B), trams (convenient when going to Trastevere and distant sites; the main sites are Porta Maggiore and Labicano), regional trains and buses in Rome (several lines, including night services). With the Rome Travel Pass valid for 3 days you are able to travel by public transport services and have 2 free visits to museums or monuments at your choice within the city of Rome (except Vatican City). The third place of interest you visit you will get a discount (generally about 50%). Travel cards are available in the most frequented museums and in the Tourism Offices or the Tourist Information Centres (TIC) located in strategical sites in the city and in the main tourist terminal centres. The Italian currency is the euro (€), official currency of all the countries members of the European Economic Community. You can also use your credit cards, of current use in Rome.
We advise you to wear comfortable shoes to visit the capital city of Italy, there is too much to see while you walk along the streets or ride a bicycle! Remember that in no religious centre in Rome entrance is allowed if you are wearing shorts, bermuda shorts, short skirts, low-cut blouses or T-shirts or swimming costumes/trunks. You’d better wear discreet clothes to avoid problems and enjoy Rome’s wonders.

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