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Weather in Venice, Italy

In winter the average temperature is below 10 º C, with cooler days (and snowfall probabilities).
In Summer the hottest months are July and August, temperatures only sometimes overpass 30ºC, but humidity is high enough to increase the thermal sensation. Advantages: longer days allowing longer tours! Besides, since the streets in Venice are quite narrow, one usually walks in the shade.
Spring and Autumn are rainy seasons with mild temperatures.
Between September and April the “Acqua Alta” phenomenon arises in the city of Venice. It involves the flooding of different areas in Venice due to the unusual high tide of the Adriatic, when water is higher than 90 cm above normal sea level. When a higher than usual tide is anticipated in the city, sirens are blowed and a number of temporary wooden sidewalks (passerelle) provide raised routes in the main crossing sites in the city.

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