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Why Clickbed?

Minimum Price Guaranteed. If after making a booking with us, you find a better price, we will refund the difference
Both our sales staff when they recruit an accommodation, and our hotel support department make daily checks to ensure the accommodations respect the guaranteed minimum price. This means that under no circumstances, can they offer lower prices than those offered at Clickbed, either through other reservation centres, or on their own websites, as this is clearly stated in the partnership contract entered into between Clickbed and the accommodations. In the event that you find a better offer for the same accommodation, the same type of room and for the same day as that which you made your booking on Clickbed, contact us and we will send you a new booking confirmation with the updated prices, and we will refund the difference in price from the corresponding online deposit.

We don't charge a booking fee
As we hold the amount of your prepayment as a credit for your next booking made within the next 6 months, our deals are UNBEATABLE. If you're thinking about calling or going directly to the hotel, do it! But you'll only increase your chances of sleeping in your car! This is, so you have an advantage!

We personally take the images of the accommodation
Unlike other booking centres, sends a representative to certify that the accommodation offers are real and to personally take images, either as photos or video. This guarantees the accuracy and quality of what you reserve. Avoid unpleasant and unexpected surprises. We're travellers, book with us!

We guarantee Price & Quality
Unlike other booking centres, sends a representative to certify that the accommodation offers are real and to personally take images, either as photos or video. This ensures the quality of the accommodation that you reserve. Our representatives go to each accommodation, city by city, making a careful selection. To sign a contract with us, among other requirements, the accommodation must be well located have a price commensurate with the quality and service provided. In addition, so you have a better understanding of what you are reserving, we publish all the comments by other travellers, and we don't filter them by scores. We only filter those comments with profanity or with a clear intent to smear, and this we do to be fair also to the hoteliers. We are on your side, it's in our interest that you recommend us and that you book with us again!

Personalised sales service
Our work with traveller support - - starts as soon as you make your booking, and not the reverse as sometimes happens with internet booking services. Once you've made your booking, a team of people is here to help. Regardless of the fact that we operate over the internet, where we can't see face to face, we're human beings working for human beings. We are very aware of this! In addition, we conduct a thorough analysis of each of the comments made by travellers and if necessary, to guarantee you quality of service, we terminate our contract with those accommodations which, according to the opinion of other travellers, do not guarantee the price/quality relationship. Specifically, we have done so with 22 accommodations. In short, we first make sure that the accommodation guarantees what you pay for your booking and then we make sure we're there to help you from anywhere in the world once you have made your booking. You can't see us, but we're at your service.

Booking is easy and secure
We ensure that your credit card details are fully safeguarded, through an encryption system, for which we have obtained an SSL security certificate from Verisign.

More than 100 accommodations in each destination
We have a wide variety, not just of accommodation, but many types of low cost accommodation, providing you with all the options possible in any given destination. We have accommodation for all types of needs, from location, price/quality, deals, romantic getaways, ideal for shopping, ideal for families etc. We're travellers, besides the best price, we know exactly what you're looking for.

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